Project Description

Kitchen Social

There are known to be 400,000 children under 16 years of age in food insecurity in London. Over half do not qualify for government food vouchers during the Covid-19 crisis and many cannot access supplies due to food bank closures. These children are currently isolated, at risk of hunger and scared for the future.

Kitchen Social is a Mayor’s Fund for London programme that is working with local community organisations to feed and support children and young people across the capital who are food insecure and unable to access sufficient and nutritious food. Kitchen Social has launched an emergency response to the crisis coordinated through their extensive community network of voluntary groups that work directly with the children and families who are most affected.

The Thomas Franks Foundation, generously supported by Barings, will be providing meals across six Kitchen Social London hubs from April 6th onwards, supporting Kitchen Social in feeding children and young people in need. The Kitchen Social hubs, based in Barnet, Ealing, Greenwich, Lambeth, Southwark and Tower Hamlets, will receive nutritious and healthy packed lunches to distribute to children and young people in need. The Thomas Franks Foundation would like to thank Deutsche Schule London and Dulwich Prep School for the use of their kitchen facilities.

Kitchen Social Hubs supported by The Thomas Franks Foundation:

Acton Park, Ealing

Rainbow Centre, Barnet

Central Eltham Youth Project, Greenwich

Coin Street Centre Trust, Southwark

Mayflower Primary School, Tower Hamlets

ParentSkillstoGo, Lambeth


As long as food poverty exists, we will continue to provide free meals to all who need them. It doesn’t take much to change a life and it starts with a meal. Get in touch today to see how you can make a difference.